Photo Gallery

It might not seem like a great deal, but we’ve been on quite a merry journey to get here. Together, Jude and I have frozen in the winters, boiled in the summers, got blisters from pruning and learned a thousand lessons that I had never even considered. Here are some gallery pictures, current and from the earlier days. Some bonsai pics and other bits that we find interesting. Thanks for having a look at our Bonsai photo gallery!

My First Bonsai Tree Photo Gallery

I got my first bonsai tree when I was 12. At the time, I thought they were some kind of magic. Over the last twenty-odd years I’ve been learning through research, experimentation and observation. We started selling online over 10 years ago and opened our shop in 2012.

Rocks, Groups and Landscape Bonsai Plantings

One of the bonsai projects that I enjoy is creating bonsai tree groups and landscapes using rocks.

Good Value Bonsai Trees

For people who are just starting out, we’ve got lots of bonsai trees at low prices. As a seller of bonsai trees, it would be easy to sell immature trees in ceramic pots. We don’t want to do that. It is also easy to find large, brilliant bonsai trees which cost thousands of pounds. The hard thing to do is find nice bonsai which actually look like trees, at a reasonable price, we believe that we’ve managed to do that.

Large Specimen Bonsai Trees

We also keep a number of high-quality specimen bonsai trees in stock. If it’s a garden centrepiece, a big birthday or just for the hell of it, we have something to suit.

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