Acer Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees For Sale

Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees For Sale

Are you a bonsai enthusiast or a nature lover looking to add a touch of elegance and tranquillity to your garden? The Deshojo Maple Bonsai tree might be just what you need. With its vibrant red foliage and delicate branching structure, the Deshojo Maple is a sought-after choice among bonsai enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the captivating world of Deshojo Maple Bonsai trees, exploring their unique characteristics and care requirements and have a look at our Acer Deshojo Maple bonsai trees for sale.


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How to grow Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees


Where to locate Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees

Deshojo Maples prefer partial shade, where they receive dappled sunlight throughout the day. Protecting the tree from intense midday sun is crucial to prevent leaf scorch. Moreover, during the winter months, it is advisable to provide protection from freezing temperatures to safeguard the tree’s well-being. Deshojo Maples cannot be kept indoors for very long without damaging them.

How To Water Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees

Maintaining a consistent watering schedule is vital for the Deshojo Maple Bonsai. It is recommended to water the tree thoroughly, allowing the soil surface to dry slightly between watering sessions. 

How To Prune Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees

Regular pruning and shaping are essential for maintaining the desired form and aesthetics of your Deshojo Maple Bonsai tree. You can prune Deshojo Maples at any time of year. In winter, it is easier to see the branch structure, helping you to remove unwanted branches. We call this hard-pruning. Light pruning is undertaken during the growing season and involves cutting back to the first few leaves on each shoot.

Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees Pests and Problems

Deshojo maple bonsai get attacked by sap-sucking insects such as Greenfly and Whitefly. Various insecticides are available to combat these.

Repotting Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees

Deshojo bonsai trees are quite fast-speed growers. We look to repot them every two to three years.

Using well-draining bonsai soil is crucial for the Deshojo Maple’s health. A mixture of Akadama, pumice, and lava rock is commonly recommended.

How To Feed Deshojo Maple Bonsai Trees

A balanced organic fertilizer can be applied during the growing season to provide the necessary nutrients for robust growth and vibrant foliage. We tend to use Naruko and place this on the soil surface three or four times per year.

Further Bonsai Information

For further bonsai information, have a look at the bonsai tree care pages of our website. We also working to produce other bonsai tree species guides here.

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