Azalea Flowering Bonsai Trees Available For Sale

We’ve got a nice range of Azalea flowering bonsai trees for sale again. For anyone who doesn’t know, they really are the kings of the flowering bonsai. Beautiful trees with nice small leaves for most of the year, with a huge blast of colour in a showy display in late spring or early summer.

The need to be kept outside and need some winter protection. A greenhouse or conservatory would be great for this. Being ericaceous plants, they hate the lime in tap water, so catch rain water to keep them happy.

Let them flower for a couple of weeks and then trim off the flowers so that they don’t tire themselves out with the flowers.

Hang off from any major pruning until after flowering, then give the a good prune back. Don’t prune them too much after summer, as you’ll cut off the following years flowers. Ever couple of years, give them hard prune back to help them keep there shape. If you want to know more, call in and see us and we’ll show you how.

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