Bonsai Classes and Workshops Available at All Things Bonsai

We host a number of different bonsai workshops at our centre in Sheffield.

    • Beginners Bonsai Workshops – For people who are starting out in bonsai – A tree is included to work on.
    • Open Workshops – For people who have their own trees requiring work.
    • One to One Sessions – Individual time to focus on any aspect of bonsai.

Upcoming Dates

Beginners Workshop – Saturday 27th April – Starting 1030 (Full)

Beginners Workshop – Saturday 18th May – Starting 1030 (Spaces available)


Other group workshops are held on Thursday evenings, starting at 5.30pm. All you need to do is give Adam a call on 07903 406 373 and we’ll work out dates over the phone.

Please note we don’t run workshops in December or January.

Want to know more about bonsai? Come to a Beginners Bonsai Workshop

We run beginners’ bonsai classes throughout the year. these classes are a great introduction for anyone wanting to get into bonsai growing. Informal, friendly and yet informative, we cover many interesting topics such as:

    • Different styles and shapes of bonsai trees
    • Sources of raw material which can be used to make bonsai trees
    • How to prune bonsai trees
    • How to wire bonsai trees
    • How to repot and root prune bonsai trees
    • How to design bonsai trees

We’ll do this by working together on bonsai trees at different stages of development. It is very hands-on. By going through this process, you will gain the skills and confidence to do more in your own time.

Much of the work will be done on Chinese Elm bonsai trees. You’ll take one of these away with you at the end of the session.

We keep the group sizes really small (maximum of four people) to ensure that you get lots of individual attention.

Everything you need is supplied. No need to bring anything with you!

£60 per person.

To buy a beginners workshop gift voucher, please click here.

Life as a small bonsai retailer. Bonsai Classes and Workshops


Open Workshops

Open workshops are a chance to bring along established, part-trained bonsai trees and raw material to work on with our assistance. We can cover any aspect of bonsai design on any species of tree.

These workshops are aimed at bonsai enthusiasts who already have knowledge of basic styling and growing techniques and are looking to learn and develop.

Cement your existing bonsai knowledge and learn new skills

Our workshops are the ideal place to put into practice some of the things that you may have seen online. Videos and articles can only take you so far and there is nothing better than getting your hands dirty to aid learning!

Help with problem trees

We’ve all got those trees which we like but struggle to move-forwards. We’ve also all got trees which seem to have potential but we’re lost on what to do. 

£40 per session. We’ll have a good couple of hours either to focus on one tree or to do some work on a batch.

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One-to-One Bonsai Sessions

One-to-one sessions give you the opportunity to get dedicated time to really focus on whatever aspect of bonsai that you want.

Great for beginners

As a novice bonsai grower, some dedicated time with experienced enthusiasts can be invaluable. You’ll learn a great deal about bonsai care and styling, getting you started in a really useful way. Bring any trees that you have or don’t bring any – We’ll still get lots done!

Great for established growers

You might want to go to work on a single large established tree or style a big piece of raw material. Sometimes, people fill their cars with trees from their bonsai collection and we work on them.

We can also work on the bonsai that we have at the nursery. This can be a great way of learning about lots of different species of trees and how to get the best results out of them, even if you don’t have all of them yet. 

Prices at £60 for a half-day session (3 hours) and £120 for a full day (6 hours) These sessions normally take place on Saturdays.

Please click here to buy a One to One Half Day Bonsai Workshop Gift Voucher.

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Booking In

While it is possible to create a timetable of workshops, we prefer to get a list of people together and then arrange sessions as we go. 

Please give Adam a call on 07903 406 373 to find out more. 

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