Bonsai Tree Christmas Present Questions and Answers

Bonsai Tree Christmas Present Questions and Answers

Bonsai Tree Christmas Present Questions and Answers

If you thinking about buying a bonsai tree as a gift for Christmas, you may want to know a little about what to buy, when to order and how to look after the bonsai until the big day. Here are some bonsai tree Christmas present questions and answers which we frequently get asked.


Q:           Can I buy now and get delivery close to Christmas?

A:            Yes that’s no problem. When you place your order with us, there is a space on the order screen where you can write a message to us. Its important that you let us know that you want delivery shortly before Christmas. If you give us an exact date, we will try to arrange delivery on that date for you.


Q:           Will the tree be ok in the box for a while or do I have to open it straight away?

A:            Please open the box as soon as it arrives. You’ll need to keep the tree in a bright location (south facing window, conservatory, porch) away from the central heating. Chinese Elms can also be kept outdoors and are surprisingly frost hardy. They are fine down to about minus 10 degrees. You will also need to keep it watered until it is given. It won’t need a lot of water if outside but a little more if indoors. Aim to keep the soil evenly moist, like a damp cloth feels, by pouring water on, maybe with a cup for example.


Q:           Can you post it directly to the recipient?

A:            Yes that’s no problem. You can give us their name and address when you order. There is also a space for you to write a personalised message which we will include in the care guide.


Q:           I want to get someone a tree but I don’t know which kind is best. I want one for indoors. What do you suggest?

A:          Trees which can be grown indoors are found on our Bonsai Kits page and our Indoor Bonsai page.

Chinese Elms are the most popular trees given for Christmas. Even the smallest ones look great as the leaves are very small. They also grow really well outside and enjoy good levels of sunlight. The best indoor locations are conservatories and sunny porches. A south facing window is also an option but can get very hot in summer, so should be moved.

A Ficus Bonsai Tree is a good choice as they do very well indoors. They are evergreen and tolerant of low levels of light.

A Ligustum is another indoor option. It is evergreen and has nice small leaves.

We also have Sageretia which have a nice shape and small leaves.

Most of the other trees we sell are outdoors. If the recipient has a garden, please consider buying an outdoor bonsai tree or advising them to keep the Chinese Elm bonsai tree outdoors. It is much easier to grow bonsai trees outdoors. There number of species is also much greater. bonsai can make a great focal point in any garden. Good spots can be on tables or walls.


Q:           The recipient has a conservatory. Is this a good place to keep a bonsai tree?

A:            Yes, a conservatory can be a really good place to keep a bonsai tree. The outdoor trees can be kept in a conservatory over the winter and then placed back into the garden when spring arrives. This means that the outdoor bonsai can also be a great Christmas bonsai tree present option.


Q:           I still don’t know what to get. Any suggestions?

A:            If you’re stuck, we do gift vouchers which are redeemable on the website or in the shop.


Q:           I want to come to the shop to pick a bonsai tree. When are you open?

A:            We are open 1000-1600 everyday except Wednesdays. We are open right up to Christmas Eve.

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