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Bonsai Tree Species Guides

Bonsai Tree Species Care Guides available to view online from All Things Bonsai –  Care information, tips and advice for a range of bonsai trees.

General care for all bonsai trees

  • Location – keeping bonsai trees in a good location is a key factor in success. In general – a bright location out of strong wind. Some trees like full sun, while others like a partial shade. A good location in spring, might get too hot in summer. Bigger bonsai trees are better able to cope with full sun, while smaller bonsai trees overheat more easily. Some bonsai trees are better able to cope with cold and freezing temperatures than others – to some extent it depends where in the world they are from.
  • Watering – trees growing in shallow containers dry out more quickly than trees growing in the ground. You will be watering much more in summer than in winter. The aim is to never let to soil dry out completely.
  • Pruning – Bonsai trees can become overgrown without pruning.
  • Feeding – All bonsai trees are fertilised in order to give them the nutrients required for health.

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The Guides

Species are listed here in a quick list and further below with pictures for identification.

Acer Buergeranium – Trident maple – Trident Maple Bonsai Tree Care

Acer Campestre – Field Maple – Field Maple Bonsai Tree Care

Acer Palmatum – Japanese Maple – Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Care

Silver Birch – Betula Pendula – Silver Birch Bonsai Tree Care

Carpinus – Hornbeam – Hornbeam Bonsai Tree Care

Chanomeles – Quince – Quince Bonsai Tree Care

Chamaecyparis – False Cypress – False Cypress Bonsai Tree Care

Acer Buergerianum - Trident Maple

Deciduous oriental bonsai tree with three-pointed leaves.

Trident Maple Bonsai Tree Leaves

Acer Campestre - Field Maple

Hardy, native British bonsai tree.

Field Maple Bonsai Tree Leaves

Acer Palmatum - Japanese Maple

Deciduous oriental bonsai tree with five-pointed leaves.

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Leaves

Ficus - Fig

Tropical, evergreen, frost tender bonsai tree.

Ficus Bonsai Tree Leaves

Ilex - Japanese Holly

Evergreen oriental bonsai tree with small leaves and white flowers.

Japanese Holly Bonsai Tree Leaves

Pinus Halpensis - Aleppo Pine

Mediterranean, Evergreen Bonsai Tree.

Pinus Halpensis Aleppo Pine Bonsai Tree Leaves

Malus - Crab Apple

Deciduous, flowering bonsai tree with small apples.

Crab Apple Bonsai Tree


Hardy, evergreen, flowering bonsai tree.

Pyracantha Bonsai Tree Leaves


Evergreen conifer with scale or needle-like foliage.

Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree

Podocarpus - Buddhist Pine / Japanese Yew

Evergreen oriental tree with yew-like foliage.

Podocarpus Buddhist Pine Bonsai Tree

Ulmus Parviflora - Chinese Elm

Semi-evergreen classic oriental bonsai tree.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree
image coming soon

Serissa Foetida - Larch Bonsai Trees

image coming soon

Portulacaria - Small Leafed Jade

Black Pine - Pinus Thunbergii

Hardy, evergreen, Japanese bonsai tree.

Black Pine Bonsai Tree