Metasequoia Dawn Redwood Bonsai Trees

Metasequoia Dawn Redwood Bonsai Trees are an ancient species of tree, dating back many millions of years. Thought to be extinct, it was found growing in a small grove in China in the middle of the last century. From these few trees it has been cultivated and is now widespread throughout the world.

In the wild it is a strongly growing, upright tree capable of reaching great height. As bonsai, they are frequently found in groups, making use of the strongly upright growth.



Outdoor only bonsai tree. Site in full sun or partial shade. Ideally dappled light such as under a trellis, netting or a pergola. Protection from hard frost is required.



Keep soil evenly moist at all times. Plenty of water on hot and sunny days. A drip tray or bowl will help maintain mositure levels. A deciduous tree which loses its leaves in winter, meaning less watering is required.



The tree naturally wants to form a flame shape. A very fast growing tree which back buds very well. Keep them well pruned for dense growth. Well suited to the formal upright style or in group plantings.



Roots grow very quickly and will need repotting every year. Use a general bonsai soil mix.



Fertilise fortnightly throughout the growing season.