Busy Bonsai Days

its all go at the nursery with busy days all round. Our bonsai trees are all growing very fast now and its important to keep on top of the care required to keep the trees in top condition. Busy bonsai days indeed!

People who have limited experience of growing bonsai tend to think that as a hobby it takes great patience. Some would say its a little boring, as they imagine waiting for months on end just to make a couple of snips to a single lonely tree. In actual fact it gets pretty busy once you get a collection of trees and a bunch of projects on the go. At this time of year, repotting is in full flow, pruning of shoots and branches takes place, feeding has begun and there is also time to collect raw material from suitable sources.

Many of flowering bonsai trees are coming into their own now. New for this year are two Australian bonsai subjects, the Wax Flower and the Westringia. The Wax Flower is a small shrub with a profusion of small white flowers, which have an intense honey-like scent. The Westringia is a member of the mint family, with foliage similar to Rosemary. It produces pink orchid like flowers. The flower buds a swelling on the Wisteria and the beautiful azalea bonsai trees will be in flower soon enough.

We have now had the nursery for three years, having outgrown the space we had at home. We have worked hard to expand the range of different trees we have on offer including many of the classic bonsai tree species including Acer, Azalea, Cotoneaster, Juniper, Pine, Hornbeam, Crab Apple and Zelkova as well as some more less seen trees such as Mulberry, Pyracantha, Wisteria and others. Its been great to see customers come in, see the trees, get the bonsai bug and start learning the art of bonsai through building collections of trees.

Due to our increasing success, we are now open six days per week, from 10am to 4pm, closing Wednesdays.

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