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Bonsai Tree Species Guides

Trident Maple Root on Rock

Acer Buergerianum - Trident Maple

image coming soon

Acer Campestre - Field Maple

Acer Palmatum Japanese Maple Deshojo

Acer Palmatum - Japanese Maple

Ficus Bonsai Tree - 25cm Pot

Ficus - Fig

ilex japanese holly bonsai tree

Ilex - Japanese Holly

image coming soon

Loropetalum - Chinese Fringe

Metasequoia Group of Seven

Metasequoia - Dawn Redwood

image coming soon

Podocarpus - Chinese / Japanese Yew

image coming soon

Ulmus Parviflora - Chinese Elm

image coming soon

Serissa Foetida - Larch Bonsai Trees

image coming soon

Portulacaria - Small Leafed Jade

image coming soon

Serissa Foetida - Serissa Bonsai Trees

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