Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions that we get, if you can’t find an answer to your question here please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

We use PayPal, which is the world’s largest secure transaction handler and is trusted worldwide. We don’t hold any payment details ourselves and all transaction data is directly handled by PayPal so you can shop with a piece of mind.

What times are you open?

We open to the public from Monday to Sunday 10am – 4pm, we’re closed on Wednesdays.

Sending bonsai trees through the post, really?

Certainly. We have been selling trees online since 2004. We are experts at packing them and getting them safely to you. Take additional reassurance that all trees are insured in transit.

How long will goods I purchase take to arrive?

All our items include delivery as standard in the price you pay. Please allow a week for this to arrive. If you are in a hurry, you can also select an express option which will be dispatched by 24hr courier. Please give us a day to get the order ready, so allow 48 hours for your order to arrive.

Won’t my tree be damaged by a week in transit?

No. When we first started sending trees, we stress tested them to see how long they would survive for in a box. We found that they were fine for up to two weeks in transit.

Is the photograph of the tree the same that I will receive?

We clearly state in the description for each tree if it is an example photo or the exact tree being sold.

Will I get care information for my bonsai?

Again, we state if the tree comes with care information, although we have a selection of Care Guides on our website here.

Can I include a message? The tree is a gift.

Yes, there is a space on the ordering page for you to write a personalised message which we will include in the package.

I see that you do gift sets, what do these include?

Our gift sets include a living bonsai tree, scissors, fertiliser and a tray. Other useful care items are also available in other sets, including books, bonsai wire and wire cutters along with other gift items. Please visit our Shop to find out more.

The bonsai is a gift. Can I get it delivered a couple of days before I give the gift and save having to look after it until then?

Yes absolutely. Just give us the information when placing your order – There is a text box on the order screen for you to include information such as this.

How long will my bonsai live for?

With proper care bonsai will live for a lifetime. The oldest trees in Japan are many hundreds of years old.

What about aftercare – can I contact you for advice?

Yes please do. We are professional bonsai enthusiasts and we take aftercare seriously, so please feel free to give our team a call should you need any help or advice! 07903406373.

How are your bonsai kept prior to dispatch?

We operate a professional bonsai nursery in Sheffield, Yorkshire. At the nursery, we have hundreds of trees in stock which we carefully tend to, watering, feeding, pruning and repotting as necessary in order to ensure that your bonsai arrives in peak condition. Please come and see us if you wish.

How long have you been growing bonsai trees for?

I got my first tree when I was thirteen years old. My family used a have a little garden centre when I was a child and have been around plants all my life. Bonsai captivated me. At first I thought that there are almost magical. While I probably still do, I also know now that they are created over time by working with the tree, not against it and with careful nurture and training.

OK, what about fertiliser, tools, soil and stuff?

Yes we sell all of those. Fertiliser will help your tree grow strongly. Tools help you care for your tree and make your own bonsai. Bonsai trees grow in soil which has special qualities. We sell different kinds depending on the tree you own.

You sell different pots too?

Yes, different sizes and styles of pot suit different trees. We sell a wide range of pots, from good value glazed pots to top quality handmade Japanese tokoname pots. We also sell plastic training pots and trays.

If you still have questions…

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team on 07903406373 or via email on: