Kokedama Bonsai And Houseplants For Sale

We now have kokedama bonsai and houseplants for sale online with free UK delivery.

The Kokedama craze started in Japan and here at All Things Bonsai we’ve had fun over the last few months creating and perfecting string gardens using our bonsai and a range of houseplants.

Easy to care for, the best way to water them is to fill a bowl with water and submerge the moss ball for a couple of minutes before leaving the excess water to drain off. Have a feel of the kokedama and get used to the weight, they are

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Kokedama is the practice of removing bonsai and other plants from their containers and wrapping the roots in a ball of moss-covered soil. ¬†These can be suspended midair with string or presented on a range of bowls or saucers. The knack is to get the moss ball as round as possible, with an even covering of lush green moss.

We think they’re a great way to for you to incorporate plants into the home and look super smart in the office. Of course if you’re going for an oriental theme, it fits wonderfully. Kokedama can also enhance already beautiful bonsai trees into a argueably more natural setting, getting rid of ceramic bonsai pots.

We are now looking at making moss ball gardens using our outdoor bonsai trees. These would be kept outdoors year round. The creations we currently have available can be kept outdoors most of the year if you wish but do bring them inside when the weather gets cold


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