Mugo Pine Bonsai Created From Garden Centre Plant

Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree Initial Styling

Jamie & Brandon bought in a Pinus Mugo for us to have a look at. They had purchased it for a plant nursery a few days earlier as an unstyled bush. Jamie said that they had kept some bonsai a few years ago but wanted to have a go at keeping outdoor bonsai.

After a discussion on styling options, we got out the tools and set about working on the tree.We removed some of the lower branches and jinned the stumps,then set about wiring the remaining branches into position. We removed several large branches and some of the course growth to allow in light to the middle of the tree. The whole process took about an hour.

Jamie said “I wouldn’t have known where to start but after watching Adam work on the tree I’m ready to jump in and have a go myself!”

The Tree is off to a good start and has the potential to develop into a very nice bonsai within a couple of years.

Jamie is planning on coming to one of our beginners bonsai workshops in the near future. When the come in we can spend longer removing more of the mass of needles  and wiring the smaller branches to further refine the look of the bonsai


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