Olive Bonsai Trees For Sale

Olive bonsai trees for sale

We’re always happy when we have olive bonsai trees for sale. For me, they conjure images of sunny Mediterranean holiday in Spain and Greece. From being young, I remember travelling down hot roads, staring at rows of large and immensely old Olive trees carefully cultivated by weather-beaten almost as old, farmers.

If only for this reason, I would love Olive bonsai trees. However what really adds to the joy is that they make great bonsai! Evergreen Olives have lovely small leaves, tight growth and in time, rugged, fissured bark. Olive accept growing in small pots happily and respond well to pruning. Have a look below to see our olive bonsai trees for sale now with free uk delivery.


How to grow Olive bonsai trees


Where to locate Olive Bonsai Trees


Site in full sun. Olives bonsai trees are surprisingly frost hardy. A light frost is unlikely to damage them. They should be protected from prolonged periods of frosty weather. Olives benefit from being protected from long periods of cold wet weather in winter, which can cause the roots to rot.


Performs well in a conservatory during colder months only . Move outside when your conservatory gets hot.

Some people keep Olive bonsai indoors. If in a home setting, a sunny windowsill is strongly recommended. There must not be a radiator below the window. Misting with water will help. Even so, the results are less predictable and we don’t recommending doing this, though a number of other bonsai retailers do.

How To Water Olive Bonsai Trees

When I think of Olive trees, I imagine Mediterranean summers and boiling heat, so not much water! However, Olive bonsai trees growing in small pots do need regular watering. They can be allowed to dry out just a little between waterings, as they do not like to be waterlogged. When do you water, soak them with watering cans, in the same way that you would other bonsai trees. In summer, we’ll probably still be watering daily. In the colder months, we do still water the Olives, though of course less often.

How To Prune Olive Bonsai Trees

Olive bonsai trees produce very straight shoots with leaves appearing in pairs on either side of the shoots. When you prune back a branch, two new shoots usually sprout, which grow at a 45 degree angles to the branch.

It is easy enough to wire Olive bonsai trees, noting that the wood is quite hard, so slightly thicker wire is useful.

Each leaf will stay on the tree for a couple of years. The light green spring foliage will turn dark green over the course of the first year. In the following years, this dark green foliage will turn yellow and can be removed with your fingers / snipped off at the stalk, or allowed to turn brown, when they will fall off naturally. Keep the tree looking in top condition by periodically removing / cleaning out the older leaves.

Olive Bonsai Tree Pests and Problems

Olive bonsai have relatively few pest in the UK. Keep an eye out for pests which have a chew at the leaves and remove as necessary.

Repotting Olive Bonsai Trees

Olive bonsai trees are medium-speed growers. We look to repot them every two to three years.

When we import our Olives, they tending to arrive in a compost rich mix. This is fine for them when in the Meditteranean, though we repot into them a free draining soil mix at the earliest opportunity. We repot them in spring. Its possible that they Olives that you buy from us arrive with you in the compost mix, if they do, I would replace this soil in the spring.

How To Feed Olive Bonsai Trees

Olive bonsai trees grow fairly slowly and so do not require huge volumes of fertiliser. We tend to use Naruko and place this on the soil surface three or four times per year.

Further Bonsai Information

For further bonsai information, have a look at the bonsai tree care pages of our website. We also working to produce other bonsai tree species guides here.

Please also have a look at our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/AllThingsBonsaiSheffield

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