Bonsai Pots and Trays

Our wide range of bonsai pots and trays for sale with UK delivery. We have a range of pot sizes and styles including glazed, unglazed and cascade. We also stock plastic training pots and accent / kusamono pots.

We have lower priced basic pots and higher quality, handmade bonsai tree pots.

A good bonsai pot complements your tree. It can also lift the overall visual image and improve the look.

We’ve groups pots as Mame – tiny pots – up to about 5 inches in length, Small – up to 12 inches and Large – over 12 inches in length.

Cascade pots have their own section, as do pots with patterns painted onto them along embossed pots.

Oh, and a section for plastic pots and trays.

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