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UK Handmade Bonsai Pots

Our collection of UK hand made bonsai tree pots. Handmade bonsai pots are more individual than mass produced, slip cast bonsai pots. Each one is unique, with varying glazed and finishes. We individually photograph these pots, so each pot is the one that you will receive.

Due to the nature of how they are made, there may be imperfections with these pots. They may not be 100% symmetrical for example. This is part of there charm. non-symmetrical glazing is also popular.

As with all of our pots, our UK handmade bonsai pots are fired to high temperatures in order to make them frost resistant.

While there are plenty of zany handmade pots out there, we prefer pots that are unique without being over-powering. We want the pots to compliment your tree and not detract from it. Having said that, if a pot is very beautiful, we’ll sometimes include these too.

Sizes displayed with pots on our website are the approximate external dimensions of the pots. We try carefully to photograph these pots so that the colour is as colour to real life as possible. This can be a little tricky sometimes.

Bonsai Potters: We’re currently looking to increase the range of pots that we sell on here. If you are an experienced or aspiring bonsai pot maker and would be interested in selling your work on our website, please get in touch.

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