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Bonsai Pruning Scissors

Range of specialist Bonsai Pruning Scissors for sale with UK delivery.

We sell a range of basic and higher quality steel scissors.

  • General pruning scissors are multipurpose.
  • Bud Scissors – For detailed, light pruning.
  • Root Scissors – Large, strong handle for cutting through roots when repotting.
  • Long Handled scissors – great for branch pruning and general use.
  • Wire Scissors – great for use in wiring your trees. I prefer these to wire cutters when using wire of 2.5mm diameter or less.

We mainly sell low cost Chinese Tools and higher quality Ryuga tools. Stainless steel tools are the best and make a superb gift.

Most people tend to start with the low priced Chinese tools, then move onto higher quality tools as they progress with their bonsai hobby.

If your’e right at the beginning, start off with long Handled scissors first and then get some Root Scissors when you start re-potting your bonsai trees.

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