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Deciduous Bonsai

Deciduous bonsai lose their their leaves in winter and then in spring they get a fresh burst of new leaves from the buds that have been developing over the winter.

In autumn these leaves change colour to put on a fantastic display before dropping off and the tree goes dormant for the winter.

They have a different kind of beauty in winter, when the structure of the branches and the shape of the bonsai are more apparent.

Here at All Things Bonsai, we have a great selection of deciduous bonsai trees, many of which we individually photograph for sale. in most cases, the price displayed includes UK delivery.

We usually have a range of bonsai trees include Japanese Maple, Trident Maple, Cherry, Pomegranate, Oak, Hawthorn, Crab Apple, Zelkova, Dawn Redwood, Larch, Ginko, Quince and others.

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