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Indoor Bonsai Trees

The beauty of bonsai can be brought into your home with our selection of indoor bonsai trees. Life is hard on trees when kept indoors so we carefully select species which can be grown successfully. Having said that, growing bonsai indoors is not the same as growing them outside. Outdoors is much easier. Part of the secret to success is not forgetting to water them and make sure they are getting plenty of light. All bonsai trees benefit from being kept outdoors during the warmer months of the year.

All of our bonsai trees come with care information. We can include gift messages. Free delivery to most parts of the UK.

Beginners to bonsai: Get a Chinese Elm from this page and keep it outdoors. It’s the best way to start!

Here’s a little tip for our website: If a tree has a number eg Chinese Elm Number 36, this one is individually photographed.


Evergreen Bonsai

Pistachio Bonsai Tree Mini


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