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Low Priced Starter Bonsai

Low Priced Starter Bonsai available to buy online from All Things Bonsai with free UK delivery.

If you are reading this then you’re probably at the beginning of your bonsai adventure and looking for reasonably priced bonsai trees to get you started.

We’ve collected together all of the lowest priced bonsai trees that we have on this page.

Now, the best advice I can give to beginners in bonsai is to grow them outdoors. New bonsai growers often think that bonsai are indoor plants. While some of these bonsai trees can be grown indoors, it is much easier to keep them looking great when grown outside. Bonsai trees love fresh air, sun and rain. After all, they are trees. So if you have a garden or balcony, this is the best place to keep them. Almost everyone who grows bonsai trees as an interest grows them outdoors.

As a seller of bonsai trees, it would be easy to sell rubbish-looking sticks in pots cheaply. Its also easy to have a nursery full of big, very expensive bonsai trees. What’s harder is to find nice-looking bonsai trees at a low price. All of the trees on this page are around £40 or under.

Remember, when you buy a bonsai, its time that you are really buying. It the years that go into creating each tree. More expensive trees are usually older and have had more work done to them.

We have included bonsai trees which are easier to look after and left out some of the trickier species.

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