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Japanese Maple bonsai trees from sale from All Things Bonsai in the UK.

Also known as Acer Palmatum, Japanese Maples are a favourite in many bonsai collection, admired as they are for their delicate, five pointed leaves and fine, graceful branches. Found in a wide variety of leaf-colour and forms, Japanese Maple bonsai trees can range from a fairly low price for younger, more basic trees, up to several thousands of pounds for large, high quality specimens.

Being deciduous trees, they lose their leaves in a spectacular autumn display. Rather than being a disappointment, the fine branch structure is truly revealed in winter.

There are many different varieties and cultivar of Japanese Maple bonsai tree, including Kotohime, Kiyohime, Seigen, Shishigashiri and a host of others. Do not however, reject ones without a fancy name. Generic Japanese Maples tend to be tougher, resilient and easier to care from than some of the more highly bred varieties.

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