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Trident Maple Bonsai Trees for sale from All Things Bonsai. Trident Maples are a classic bonsai tree species. Native to the far east, Acer Buergeranium produces a three-pointed leaf, giving rise to the common name, Trident Maple.

With time and regular pruning, these leaves can become tiny, enabling the grower to produce bonsai with a brilliant sense of scale. The branches can also be made to be fine and delicate with time. The fleshy roots grow thick quite quickly, helping with the process of producing excellent surface or nebari roots. The tree also grows quickly above soil level, meaning that Trident Maples with thick trunks can be developed and quite quickly, well, quickly for bonsai anyway!

Add to all that a nice display of pink or yellow autumn deciduous colour and you can see why we like them so much.

We’ve produced a trident maple bonsai care guide, available on this link.

The Trident Maples bonsai trees listed on this page are individually photographed, giving you complete control over selection.

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