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Outdoor Bonsai

Outdoor bonsai trees are available to buy online from All Things Bonsai and at our nursery in Sheffield. This page contains are stock of deciduous, evergreen and flowering outdoors trees.

We have a good stock of native and international trees usually includes Japanese White Pine, Japanese Black Pine, Aleppo Pine, Japanese Maple, Trident Maple, Crab Apple, Azalea, Cotoneaster, Juniper, Pomegranate, Hawthorn, Dawn Redwood, Pyracantha, Zelkova, Dawn Redwood, Buddhist Pine, Japanese Holly, Ginkho, Cherry, Oak, Mulberry, Field Maple and others.

Most of our outdoor trees are individually photographed and come with good quality care information. Most of the prices include UK shipping.

Deciduous Bonsai

Oak Bonsai Tree Number 555


Deciduous Bonsai

Oak Bonsai Tree Number 459


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