Pine bonsai trees from sale from All Things Bonsai here in the UK.

What can we say about pine bonsai trees? Very little beats the craggy bark of Black Pines or the gracefulness of a Japanese Red Pine. Here in the UK, I think we have a special fondness for our native Scots Pine.

Pines are one of the less understood kinds of bonsai tree, growing by producing little candles of shoots which swell and extend, typically in the spring but with some species, later in the year. Bonsai growers work hard to reduce the size of the needles over time, with careful pruning and control of water and fertilisation. It takes some skill but when you get it right, Pine bonsai trees are hard to beat.

Pine bonsai need to live outdoors and generally like a bright location.

Dig deeper into the website and you’ll see that we’ve grouped our pines into various species categories. Thanks for having a look!

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