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Black Pine bonsai trees available to buy from All Things Bonsai here in the UK.

At their best, Black Pines have fissured, rugged bark and thick trunks. It is old-fashioned to call White Pines feminine and Black Pine masculine but I’m sure you get the point.

Black pines produce needles in pairs from shoots, which emerge from the candles. The needles can be longer than those of other pine species, though the size can be reduced. Black Pines are more vigorous than White Pines, responding better to pruning and growing more quickly. This is the upside of the long needles!

Notably, these trees produce candles in two flushes during the year – a big, spring push and a weaker, autumn one. Did you know? – This is because they naturally grow on the coasts of Japan, where typhoons can damage growth in the earlier part of the year.

The Black Pine bonsai trees on this page are usually individually photographed, although when we have small, starter trees for sale, we won’t have indiviually photographed these.

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