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Red Pine bonsai trees for sale from All Things Bonsai here in the UK, tup’north in Yorkshire no less!

Red Pine bonsai trees are still rarely found in the UK. I’d say that they are the most delicate and graceful of the Japanese pines typically used for bonsai, with the finest branch structure. Their comparative rarity makes them quite desirable among bonsai collectors. An evergreen tree which needs to be kept outdoors,

I’ve spent a little time learning about how pines grow in Japan. This is what I’ve discovered. In the mountains – White Pines. Near the coast – Black Pines. In the valleys – Red Pines. I’m oversimplifying things a little of course, though its generally correct. Due to this, Red Pine bonsai trees are perhaps a little more fragile than the other two, requiring a little more protection in winter, perhaps in the form of a greenhouse.

When we have Red Pine bonsai trees for sale, they will be individually photographed. Recently, commercial UK tree nurseries have started to produce grafted Red Pines, we’ll also list these here, which won’t be individually photographed.

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