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Scots Pine bonsai trees available to buy from All Things Bonsai here in the UK.

We love having Scots Pine bonsai trees for sale at the nursery. Being our only native species of pine, it holds a special place in our hearts. If you’ve not been lucky enough to see the pine forests in Scotland, try to get there, its hard to beat, even from a car-window.

Scots Pines are two-needle pines, meaning that they produce needles in couples from shoots which grow in the spring in candles from buds which have been fattening up since the previous autumn. Properly done, they can produce fabulous bonsai, comparable to the best Japanese trees.

An outdoor, evergreen bonsai tree, preferring a sunny location. Needle size can be reduced through careful pruning and management of food and water. With time, the bark becomes wonderfully fissured and craggy.

All of the bonsai on this page will have been individually photographed, though we sometimes sell young, starter plants, which won’t be.

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