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White Pine bonsai trees from sale from All Things Bonsai here in the UK.

White Pines are another classic species of bonsai tree. An evergreen tree which needs to be kept outdoors, they produce needles in bunches on the shoots, which gives them their other name, Five Needle Pines. The name White Pine comes from the tiny, white stripe that runs up the needles.

Older specimens have craggy bark. Sometimes, the White Pine is grafted onto Black Pine roots or trunks. This has the advantage of making the White Pine more energetic, so that it grows more quickly. These trees also have fissured, craggy bark at an earlier age, benefitting from this feature of the Black Pine below the graft point.

In its native Japan, White Pines typically grow at higher elevation. They like plenty of sun. Winters in Japan can be cold in a similar way to our British winters, though the winters in Japan can be drier than ours. Like most pines, White Pines like free draining soil.

Anyway, you’ve not come here for a lecture, below are the ones we have for sale at the moment. All are individually photographed, other than perhaps some of the saplings.

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