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Bonsai Soil

Range of specialist bonsai soil available to buy from All Things Bonsai with UK delivery.

Good bonsai soil has two key properties. It is absorbent, holding water for the trees but is also free draining. When you want these two properties, you end up with a soil that is granular – each little granule holding water and nutrients but allowing excess water to drain away.

Which soil do you need?

We use Outdoor Mix on most of our trees. On smaller trees, we use Premium Mix, as smaller trees dry out more quickly. For indoor bonsai, dryness of the air indoors is a problem, so a more moisture retentive mix is better.

We also sell each of the components separately so that you can make your own soil mixes. Pre-mixed soils will only take you so far – for best results, you need to gear the particle size of the soil to the size of the tree. Smaller trees, in smaller pots, benefit from finer soil mixes. while larger trees in bigger pots need better drainage, which comes from larger particle size. Its all about drainage vs water retention. 

We have further information on soil and repotting bonsai trees on the Bonsai Tree Care section of our website.


Bonsai Soil

Akadama Bonsai Soil


Bonsai Soil

Kyodama Bonsai Soil


Bonsai Soil

Pumice Bonsai Soil


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