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Bonsai Tool Kits

Range of Bonsai Tool Kits for sale with UK delivery.

Bonsai trees are maintained and created using a range of specialist tools. We use scissors of course but also specialist Branch Cutters, Wire Cutters and a number of other tools.

We’ve  put together collections of useful items on the page based on what we find useful for beginners in bonsai and for more experienced growers. Basic tools kits are available along with collections of higher quality tools and kits for people to start wiring trees. This is seen as a key part of the process for many bonsai fans.

Bonsai Tool Kits

The Journeymans Bonsai Kit


Bonsai Tool Kits

Bonsai Magic Potions Kit


Bonsai Tool Kits

Bonsai Wire Starter Kit 2


Bonsai Tool Kits

Bonsai Wire Starter Kit


Bonsai Tool Kits

7 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit


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