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Azalea Rising Sun Bonsai Tree Part Trained Number 511

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Azalea Rising Sun Bonsai Tree Part Trained Number 511

Azalea Rising Sun Bonsai Tree Part Trained Number 511

These bonsai flower beautifully in late spring / early summer. An outdoor only bonsai tree which will require winter protection. This is the actual tree being sold, height displayed is total height (tree and pot together.)

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Member of the Rhododendron family which produces masses of brightly coloured family. There are many hundreds of different varieties. Flowering varies from early spring to midsummer.


Outdoors Only. Site in partial shade as strong sun will damage the leaves. Protect from frost.


Feed once a fortnight from spring to early autumn. If you’ve repotted the bonsai hang off feeding a couple of months. Use ericaceous fertiliser.


It is better to use rainwater and not tap water. The lime in tap water will harm these acid loving trees over time. Its fine to use tap water occasionally. Water once a day in hot weather and aim to keep the tree evenly moist at all times. During colder weather water less as the fine roots can rot if constantly soaking – again, evenly moist is the way.


Best to do the majority of pruning after the flowering has ended in summer. Remove flowers when they start to fade. Will back-bud well on previous couple years growth, less so on very old wood.