Bonsai Magic Potions Kit


Bonsai Magic Potions Kit

Bonsai Magic Potions Kit

A silly name for a collection of useful products which will assist you in growing and caring for your bonsai collection.

Camelia Oil is rubbed onto unglazed pots to add shine and deepen the colour of the clay. Apply with a dry cloth to dry pots. Especially useful for unglazed pots. Camelia Oil is the clear oil with Japanese Text on the bottle.

Cold pressed seaweed extract is watered onto the soil to add trace nutrients. As you water bonsai trees often, the trace elements can be washed out of the soil. Seaweed extract is also reported to support the grow of beneficial organisms in the soil, supporting the health of the tree. 1 litre bottle which is diluted into water in a watering can.

Chrysal liquid bonsai fertiliser is the UK’s number one fertiliser. NPK  4-6-6.

Rainbow vitamin feed is a slow release tonic and fertiliser used for bonsai and other plants. Ten bottles. NPK 5-10-5.

Kiyonal is a wound sealant used when pruning branches to stop cut ends drying out and infection getting in.

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