Bonsai Repotting Set For Pines and Junipers


Time to repot your bonsai tree?

Bonsai need to repotted periodically in order to maintain health and vigor.

Here is a kit with all that you need to repot your bonsai tree!

Not sure what to do? See our guide to repotting your bonsai

Set comprises of

1 litre of premixed bonsai soil. We use Kiryu bonsai soil for repotting pine and juniper bonsai due to its harder structure – pines and junipers want repotting less often then other bonsai, the soil needs to keep its consistency over this longer time period. Kiryu is also very free draining, which again is beneficial for pines and junipers

1 x A4 sheet of plastic screening

1 metre of Aluminium bonsai wire – 2mm

1 x 230mm root hook

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