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Cotoneaster Flowering Bonsai Tree 16cm Wide Pot

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Cotoneaster Flowering Bonsai Tree 16cm Wide Pot

Cotoneaster Flowering Bonsai Tree 16cm Wide Pot

Small leaves, flowers and berries make Cotoneaster a great species for bonsai.

The bonsai you will receive will have a total height (tree & pot) of approximately 30cm.

Please note that the tree pictured is a representative of the one which will be dispatched.

All of our bonsai trees come with care information giving advice on how to look after your bonsai.

An outdoor bonsai tree which needs protection against frost.

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Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree Care


Outdoor bonsai tree.  Site in full sun or partial shade. It will require protection from heavy, prolonged frost.


Water daily during growing season. Keep moist during winter.


Prune back new shoots regularly when the tree is growing. Cotoneaster have a dense growth habit and with regular pruning this can be increased. The shoots grow very straight. These shoots can be trained with bonsai wire if you wish.

Although Cotoneaster are evergreen trees, each leaf does not live forever. Old leaves from previous years growth will yellow and fall away. Keep the bonsai looking smart by removing these old leaves from the tree and the soil surface. This will help to encourage light into the crown, aiding new growth.


Feed every two weeks from spring to autumn, using a mild fertiliser at around NPK 555. You can also use a slow release fertiliser such as Naruko.


Repot annually or every two years using a general bonsai soil mix