Ficus Bonsai Tree 25cm Glazed Pot


Ficus Bonsai Tree 25cm Glazed Pot

Ficus Bonsai Tree 25cm Glazed Pot

Ficus are the easiest species of bonsai tree to grow indoors, being able to cope with the heat of your home and being tolerant of lower levels of light. It is still wise to place in a well lit position receiving direct sunlight for a few hours each day.

The pot is ceramic and rectangular with a matching tray. The pot is approximately 20cm wide. These bonsai are approximately 55cm tall – total height of tree and pot.

The tree pictured is an example similar to the tree that you will receive. All are nicely shape trees with a curving trunks and spreading branches.

All our indoor trees come with care sheets giving advice on how to look after your bonsai.

If you have any questions or would like any help or advice please contact us by clicking here.

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