Kokedama Miniature Rose


Kokedama Miniature Rose

Kokedama is the Japanese art of growing plants within a neat ball of moss. Kokedama can be suspended in the air or placed onto an attractive dish for display.

They are quite easy to look after, requiring watering by submerging into a bowl of water when they begin to dry out – top tip – feel the weight of your kokedama, as it dries, it will feel lighter

Miniature roses need plenty of direct sunlight if grown indoors, so a nice sunny windowsill is a good location. If you do not have room on a sunny windowsill, you can also keep them outdoors but do protect from frost.

Deadhead the flowers as they begin to fade to keep the plants flowering for longer. After the plants finish flowering, give them a prune back to encourage new growth and maintain the shape.

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