Large Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Unglazed Pot


Large Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Unglazed Pot

A chunky, mature tree with spreading crown of foliage, defined branches and curving movement in the trunk. These are well established trees around 15 years old.

The bonsai you will receive will have a total height (tree & pot) of approximately 45cm. We have a number of different styles of unglazed pot. The pot pictured is an example of the one that we will send. Some are oval, others are rectangular.

Please note that the tree pictured is a representative of the one which will be dispatched.

All of our bonsai trees come with care sheets giving advice on how to look after your bonsai.

If you have any questions or would like any help or advice please contact us by clicking here.

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Price includes postage & packing excluding certain areas of northern Scotland and UK islands.


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