Mr Grahams Starter Bonsai Tree Collection


Mr Grahams Starter Bonsai Tree Collection

Mr Graham is a nice, older gentleman who asked us to put together a number of small trees as starter bonsai material. While getting them together, we though other people might want the same small trees to grow and develop.

Trees included are:

  • One Japanese Larch. Approximate height 22cm
  • One Japanese Maple. Approximate height 22cm
  • One Chinese Shimpaku Juniper. Approximate height 12cm
  • One Japanese Black Pine. Approximate height 16cm


The picture has been taken in early autumn, so the trees look a little sleepy.

None of the trees are this years seedlings. All are two to three years old.

Bonsai beginners – this are outdoor plants and cannot survive indoors.

All of the sizes are approximate. We won’t send you tiny weedy trees but equally please don’t expect too much!

If you have any questions or would like any help or advice please contact us by clicking here.

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Price includes postage & packing excluding certain areas of northern Scotland and UK islands.

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