Open Bonsai Workshop Gift Voucher


Open Bonsai Workshop Gift Voucher

Open workshops are a chance to bring along established and part-trained bonsai trees to work on with our assistance. We can cover any aspect of bonsai design on any species of tree. These workshops are aimed at bonsai enthusiasts who already have knowledge of basic styling and growing techniques and are looking to learn and develop.

“The main thing people ask me is how to see the bonsai tree in the plants that they have” – Adam

Cement your existing knowledge

Our workshops are the ideal place to put into practice some of the things that you may have seen online. Videos and articles can only take you so far and there is nothing better than getting your handy dirty to aid learning!

£40 per session.

This voucher is for people who already have bonsai trees at various stages in development. These can be very basic or well-developed.


We can either email or post the gift voucher. We can send it to yourself or to the recipient.

The voucher will not have the price on it.

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