Project Elms for Groups and Growing On


Project Elms for Groups and Growing On

In common with many bonsai-sellers, we work with large numbers of Chinese Elm. In every batch that we get, some trees won’t make the grade. Usually they are too tall, too short or don’t have branches where we want them.

Since newbie bonsai people often get these as their first bonsai, they want a tree which is a “typical” bonsai tree and don’t want to do too much work on them immediately. We therefore don’t send these trees out to them.

The problem for us is what to do with the others, yes we can work on them until they are ready but time for us is a factor, as is space.

So, here they are. Healthy Elms which need development. You could develop them individually or get a few and make groups.

How Tall are they? – Generally between 20cm and 30cm from the top of the tree to the bottom of the roots. How thick are they? – Usually 1.5cm to 2cm.

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