Syzygium Bonsai Tree 20cm Pot


Syzygium Bonsai Tree 20cm Pot

Does well outside in a semi-shaded position. It can be kept in full sun but a little shade is good in summer. It can also be kept indoors, in bright porch or conservatory. At a push it can be kept in a bright windowsill away from sources of heat such as radiators. If kept indoors, we recommend that you get it outside when the weather starts to warm up in spring. Either way, protect from frost and temperatures below about five degrees.

Water with rain water in hard water areas.

A graceful, imformal upright styled tree with shape and movement in the truck and spreading branches

The pot in blue, rectangular and approximately 20cm wide

The bonsai you will receive will have a total height (tree & pot) of between 30 and 40cm tall.

Please note that the tree pictured is a representative of the one which will be dispatched. We ALWAYS send the tree pictured unless stated here.

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