UK Handmade Bonsai Pot David Hickman code DH2


UK Handmade Bonsai Pot David Hickman code DH2

Our collection of UK hand made bonsai tree pots. Handmade bonsai pots are more individual than mass produced, slip cast bonsai pots. Each one is unique, with varying glazed and finishes. We individually photograph these pots, so each pot is the one that you will receive.

Information from David:

Bonsai Pots : Handmade in the Derbyshire Dales

My name is David Hickman.  I live in the Derbyshire Dales and I have been keeping bonsai trees for over twenty-five years.

After completing several pottery courses, I became a member of a local ceramics studio and started making my own bonsai pots. I make a wide range of bonsai pots and use a variety of glazes and oxides.   I use stoneware clay and all my pots are fired to a high temperature to ensure they are frost resistant.

Every bonsai pot I make is unique and each one is marked with the date the pot was made together with my initials or stamped with my pottery logo.


All Things Bonsai Notes:

Due to the nature of how they are made, there may be imperfections with these pots. They may not be 100% symmetrical for example. This is part of there charm. non-symmetrical glazing is also popular.

As with all of our pots, UK handmade bonsai pots are fired to high temperatures in order to make them frost resistant.

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