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Sell Us Your Bonsai Trees

As a busy nursery, we are always looking for bonsai trees to add to our collection. If you are thinking about decreasing the number of trees in you collection, why not sell us your bonsai trees?

Perhaps you have been given or inherited some bonsai trees? Of course it can be difficult to consider selling them. However if you simply don’t have the time or the knowledge, it’s a terrible shame to see them suffer, especially if they were someone’s pride and joy. If you do not wish to persevere with them, selling them might be the best option.

There can come a time when bigger trees are too heavy to handle. Repotting and simply moving them becomes problematic.

Perhaps you simply have too many trees! Bonsai is certainly addictive and it is possible that your collection has grown to the point where you’ve filled your space. Selling us a few of your bonsai trees frees up space and allows you to concentrate on the trees that you still want. We also look at part-trained bonsai trees and abandoned projects.

Selling us your bonsai trees means that you don’t need to advertise them and only us needs to know about your bonsai tree collection.

If you have any questions or would like to speak know more, please contact us.