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Mulberry Bonsai Tree Number 52

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Mulberry Bonsai Tree Number 52

Mulberry Bonsai Tree Number 52



Latin Name


Native To

Widely in temperate parts of the world including the UK and Europe. Originally from Asia, the Mulberry is the preferred food of the Silk Moth.

Growth Habit

Deciduous. Flowers in spring. Fruit appears in summer, which look like a blackberry. They are edible.

General Notes

Forms a small tree or medium tree in the wild. Simple, often serrated leaves. New plants can be cultivated from cuttings in the spring and from air layering in the summer.

As Bonsai

Grown in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large. Untrained plants can be found in some garden centres. Less commonly seen as bonsai, Mulberries are crafted into a variety of bonsai styles, the most common being informal upright.



Outdoors only. Grows well in full sun. Protection from frost is recommended.


Water daily in hot weather. Keep evenly moist at other times. Moisture loving tree.


Pruning, Styling & Wiring

Prune new shoots back to one or two sets of leaves. The leaf size, which is naturally quite large, can be reduced really well by careful regular pruning. Large leaves can be trimmed off to help maintain the sense of scale.

Wire at any time of year, though spring and summer are probably best. The bark is quite soft, so take time to avoid damage.


Various sources suggest anything from fortnightly to monthly for feeding. Feed from spring to autumn.


Repot young trees annually and mature trees bi-annually.

Best done in early spring. Use a general bonsai soil mix.


Decent sized Mulberry which has been hard pruned and wired over the course of last year. The shape has been improved and its becoming a nice tree.

Mulberries should be sited outside in full sun with a little shade in midsummer. Slightly tender, they need some winter protection in a cold greenhouse or conservatory.

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