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Pistachio Bonsai Tree 10 Year

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Pistachio Bonsai Tree 10 Year

Pistachio Bonsai Tree 10 Year

A Mediterranean native, the Pistachio is an evergreen tree which forms a large bush or small tree in the wild. The bark becomes rugged with age.

Grows well outdoors, requiring frost protection in winter. It can also be kept indoors in a bright position with lots of natural sunlight. If you want to grow this tree indoors, we would recommend a conservatory or sunny porch rather than a normal room. It would be wise to get the tree outside in summer, when conservatories and porches can get very warm.

The bonsai you will receive will have a total height (tree & pot) of approximately 35cm.

Please note that the tree pictured is a representative of the one which will be dispatched.

All of our bonsai trees come with care information giving advice on how to look after your bonsai.

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Pistachio Bonsai Tree Care


The tree is native to Asia, the Middle East, southern Europe and is a sun loving small tree, growing to around ten metres tall in the wild. It naturally grows in desert areas.


Does not like to be overwatered. A free draining soil mix will help the tree.


The leaves are paripinnate – a bit like our native Ash and Rowan, almost feather-like. This means that what looks like a small branch is actually a single leaf. Look closely and you will see that the growth is actually quite course, but it works as a bonsai as each leaf appears as a branch. When pruning, you need to understand this. Pruning each leaf back at the first few leaflets will not make them produce new buds on the leaf.

When pruning, allow each shoot to grow before pruning back to a couple of new leaves.


Grows in quite poor soil in the wild. Feed every 20 to 30 days from spring to autumn, possibly with a break in midsummer.


Repot every two or three years. Be gentle, do not root prune too severely.