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Ginkgo Part Trained Bonsai Tree

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Ginkgo Part Trained Bonsai Tree

Ginkgo Part Trained Bonsai Tree

Ginkgo is not a brilliant candidate for bonsai as the leaves are quite large and the growth is fairly course. However they are popular as there is nothing else quite like them and tree lovers enjoy adding one to their bonsai collection. A truly ancient tree from the time of the dinosaurs.

My advice is to ignore the usual bonsai design rules and aim to grow it as an upright flame, like a Poplar.

The trees pictured as a example of the one which you will receive.

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General Notes



Outdoor bonsai tree. Cannot survive indoors. Full sun, possibly with a little shade in midsummer. Many books say protect from  all frosts but I have a number of potted Ginko which I leave out all winter.


Aim to keep the soil evenly moist at all times. More in summer, less in winter.


Every couple of years when young. Less so when older.


Feed from spring to autumn.