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The Masters Bonsai Kit

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The Masters Bonsai Kit

The Masters Bonsai Kit

The Masters Bonsai Kit is for someone who has been doing bonsai for some time. They are mixing their own soil and doing plenty of wiring and other bonsai projects. A fine gift for anyone seriously into their bonsai.

The tools in this kit are all top quality stainless steel.

Set comprises of:

  • A stainless steel soil sieve with tree interchangeable sizes of mesh – perfect for making bonsai soil mixes.
  • Six rolls of bonsai wire in a range of sizes. 500g packs.
  • Keto bonsai soil – used in a range of projects including slate plantings and root on rock.
  • Stainless steel high quality wire scissors.
  • Stainless steel high quality bud scissors for fine detail pruning.
  • Stainless steel high quality root scissors.
  • Stainless steel high quality branch cutters.
  • Stainless steel high quality knob cutters.
  • Two bending jacks for bending large branches and trunks.

Please note that it does not contain any trees or seeds.

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