Want to know more about bonsai?

We run bonsai classes & workshops throughout the year. these classes are a great introduction for anyone wanting to make their own bonsai or learn more about trees they already have. Informal, friendly and yet informative, we cover many interesting topics such as:

    • The origins and history of bonsai
    • Different styles and designs of trees
    • Sources of raw material which can be used to make bonsai trees
    • How to prune bonsai trees
    • How to wire bonsai trees
    • Bonsai soil mixtures
    • How to design bonsai trees

“The main thing people ask me is how to see the bonsai tree in the plants that they have” – Adam

We keep the group sizes really small (maximum of four people) to ensure that you get lots of individual attention. This means that we can cover a lot more detail than we could if we had big groups.

Cement your existing knowledge

Our workshops are the ideal place to put into practice some of the things that you may have seen online. Videos and articles can only take you so far and there is nothing better than getting your handy dirty to aid learning!

Booking In

Our bonsai classes & workshops are great value at only £25 per session. This price includes use of tools, wire and soil – all you need to bring along are trees to work on. Please give Adam a call on 07903 406 373 to book and discuss what trees you should bring along.

We generally hold the workshops on a Sunday morning, starting at 1030, running for around 3 hours. We have a coffee shop on site for refreshments and lunch afterwards if you wish.

Bring a friend – book a class for two people and pay just £40

Bonsai Classes & Workshops are taking place now, so please give Adam a call on 07903 406 373 to book.

If you’re not sure what trees to bring along we can supply plants for you to work with for an additional fee.

Junipers Before

With a little help, even things with seemingly little potential can be styled

Junipers After

Into an attractive bonsai in a couple of hours.

Project Ideas

With our advice and guidance, there are lots of bonsai projects that we have help you with.

  • Bonsai groups, forests and landscapes

  • Rock plantings

  • Root on Rock bonsai trees

  • Rafts

  • Upright, slanting, windswept, cascade styles and more

Get your Bonsai Collection Going

Many bonsai enthusiasts (and would-be enthusiasts) want to build a combined collection of purchased and self-made bonsai trees. We can provide lots of really useful assistance with growing bonsai trees from scratch. We’ll spend some time looking our our project trees, showing you how its done, along with tips, tricks and pointers to help you on the way.

Rock Carving & PlantingWorkshops Now Being Held

Ishizuki is the Japanese art of creating bonsai plantings in and around rocks to create a miniature landscape.

We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity of creating one of these beautiful rock landscapes with us here at All Things Bonsai.

We run these workshops on a one to one basis or in small groups throughout the year.

The course fee is £50 which covers three hours of tuition and use a all the tools required to create your masterpiece.

We also have a good supply of rocks, trees and pots for sale.

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