Pyracantha Bonsai Tree Leaves

Pyracantha Bonsai Tree Care

Locations for your Pyracantha Bonsai Tree

Outdoor only bonsai tree. Cannot be kept in the home.

Site in full sun or partial shade. Larger bonsai trees are able to cope with summer heat waves better than smaller trees. It may be wise to move smaller trees into a shadier position in summer.

All bonsai trees prefer a location out of strong prevailing winds.

Pyracantha grown in the ground are generally very hardy. It may be advisable to protect Pyracantha grown in shallow bonsai pots from prolonged periods of freezing weather, as the roots are in stasis when frozen and the tree will suffer from dehydration as the foliage dries out.

Watering your Pyracantha Bonsai Tree

Water daily in hot weather. Keep the soil moist at other times. As with all bonsai trees, when you water please give them plenty and keep watering until water comes out of the holes in the bottom of the pot.

Pruning your Pyracantha Bonsai Tree

Trim back new shoots to one or two sets of leaves throughout the growing season (spring to autumn).

Individual large leaves can be removed by snipping them off at the stalk. This will help to keep the tree in scale. It is fine to prune Pyracantha very hard. Total defoliation – cutting off every single leaf, doesn’t seem to bother them and results in a fresh crop of smaller leaves. You can do this periodically to reduce leaf size and allow light into the tree. The best time to do this is during the growing season – spring to early autumn, with summer being ideal.

Pyracantha flower in spring. Remove most of the flowers when they start to fade. If you leave some of the flowers, they will produce berries throughout the summer. The berries will ripen towards the end of summer and will fall off the tree in autumn. You can remove the remaining berries at this time.

Backbuds very well on old wood – all the way back to the trunk.

Just like Pyracantha garden shrubs,  Pyracantha bonsai trees are spiky! I can’t recall how often I have drawn blood while pruning. You can trim the ends of the spines off with scissors. Gloves for initial styling!

Feeding your Pyracantha Bonsai Tree

Pyracantha has no special requirement for fertiliser. We use a slow-release fertiliser on them. Liquid bonsai feeds also work fine.

Repotting your Pyracantha Bonsai Tree

Repot every two years using a general bonsai soil mix.

Pests and diseases regarding your Pyracantha Bonsai Tree

Does not especially suffer from pests. It can however get leaf spots of various kinds, including Black Spot, so a preventative spray with fungicide is a wise idea every couple of months during the growing season. I have also used copper fungicides to combat this.


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