Ginkgo Bonsai Trees For Sale

Ginkgo Bonsai Trees For Sale

A truly ancient living fossil. Dinosaurs strolled past these trees. In a taxonomic group of its own. Large leaves don’t make for an idea bonsai subject, though bonsai-fans and fellow trees geeks in general love to add one to their collection. A deciduous tree. Here is a peek at the Ginkgo bonsai trees for sale here at All Things Bonsai with free UK delivery.

The Ginkgo bonsai trees for sale generally have shaped trunks with curving movement.

How to grow Ginkgo bonsai trees


Site outdoors in full sun.  Perhaps partial shade in summer. While Gingko bonsai are frost hardy, its probably better to move them into a greenhouse or cool conservatory if possible, especially for smaller bonsai.

We recommend: Keeping the tree outdoors during warmer weather and moving it under glass during the winter.


Aim to keep the soil evenly moist, like a damp cloth feels during winter. Water daily during growing season and in hot weather.


I find it doesn’t suit traditional bonsai styles. Better to grow as a loose broom. I think Poplar when I prune these trees, ie a flame shape.


Ginkgo do not suffer from many pests in the UK. Probably because it is so different to any other trees found here natively.


Repot every couple of years.

Further Information

For further bonsai information, have a look at the bonsai tree care pages of our website. We also working to produce other bonsai tree species guides here.

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